Ryan Reynolds

Video: Deadpool 2nd Red Band Trailer

It’s Christmas morning, and Fox releases the second red band trailer for Deadpool. The second trailer gives us a look at Colossus, as well as Gina Carano, enjoy.

Video: Ryan Reynolds Spends Halloween as Deadpool with Kids

Ryan Reynolds has taken his portrayal of Deadpool to another level. He has embodied Deadpool, and rarely do you see him break character. Reynolds got into costume on…

Video: Official Deadpool Red Band Trailer

Yesterday, a teaser trailer was released for the upcoming Deadpool movie, today, the official trailer is here. I must say, it’s as good as I expected. Based upon…

Video: Deadpool Teaser Trailer For Teaser Trailer

20th Century Fox has released a teaser trailer, for the teaser trailer? The much anticipated trailer release of Deadpool will be released tomorrow, according to Deadpool himself.

Green Lantern Trailer

I’m a huge fan of Ryan Renolds, and glad he has the part of the new Green Lanter. I’m still a big kid at heart. Here is the…