Video: Jimi Manuwa Walk Off KO’s Corey Anderson at #UFCLondon, Then Calls Out David Haye

The number 6 ranked light-heavyweight, Corey Anderson, crossed the pond to take on #4 Jimi Manuwa in his hometown. It didn’t take long for Manuwa to dispatch Anderson. With a lunging left hook, Manuwa sent Anderson to the canvas; no follow-up was needed. Manuwa’s immediate reaction was of surprise. Maybe he thought it would have […]

Video: Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Get Punch Out Video Game Treatment

The entire Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather debate is silly. Floyd would box Conor’s face off in a boxing match, and McGregor would annihilate Floyd in an MMA fight. Both McGregor and Mayweather have taken shots at each other on social media and in interviews. Memes have been made, and mainstream media continue to debate […]

Photo: Conor McGregor Responds To Floyd Mayweather Offering Him $15 Million To Box

Floyd Mayweather has stated he would offer UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor, $15 million to box. While Conor is to make $15 million, Floyd would make $100 million in the bout. Of course, Floyd would split the ppv money with Conor, but no percentages were given. Conor isn’t one to accept being on the “B” side. […]

Fighters Talk 52 w/Justin Ledet

I talked with Justin Ledet about his fight against Mark Godbeer in Dublin, Ireland, and his first time out of the country. We also discuss returning to Houston to fight at UFC Fight Night in Houston, Barnard Hopkins’ final fight, Miguel Cotto vs James Kirkland, and more.

Video: Conor McGregor Rolls Up On Fans Mocking Him In The Streets of Dublin

The king of Ireland, out riding around the streets of Dublin, saying hello to his people; it’s great to be Conor McGregor right now. The UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor, is at the top of the mountain right now. He defeated Eddie Alvarez to win the lightweight title & he’s expecting his first child in the upcoming […]

UFC 206: Fight Motion (Slow Motion Highlights)

Watching high level fighting in slow motion is a beautiful thing; it is violent art. The UFC prod a video series called Fight Motion, where they show highlights from events in slow motion. Check out UFC 206’s Fight Motion.

Pinche’s Picks: UFC 206

Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re hoping to hit a parlay Saturday night to avoid having to give out printed out Instagram selfies as Christmas presents. I took a detailed look into the entire UFC 206 fight card with a microscope and fine-tooth comb for the past 72 […]