Ben Affleck

Video: Conan O’Brien Announces He’s Part Owner of The UFC

At first, I was like, huh?! Then as he explained what was going on, it makes sense. When the UFC was purchased by IMG and William Morris Endeavor,…

Video: Final Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer Released

One of the most anticipated movies of 2016 will be released next month; this means new trailers for the movie will be coming to and end. The final trailer…

Video: Suicide Squad Official Trailer

The long awaited trailer for the Suicide Squad is here!

Video: Official Batman vs. Superman Trailer Released During Jimmy Fallon

  The feature trailer of Batman vs. Superman was released during the Jimmy Fallon show tonight, and it looks good. Earlier this week, during Gotham, there was a…

Video: Official Batman vs. Superman Trailer

DC fans have been waiting for this video to hit the web, and it was only a matter of time. Ben Affleck looks like he’s on HGH.