Video: Groundhog Taunts Philadelphia Family While Eating Their Trash Pizza

That’s a bold move, Cotton.

PHILADELPHIA — Do you remember New York’s famous “Pizza Rat”?

Well, it’s time to meet the “Pizza Groundhog!”

He’s just munching away completely unfazed by Kristin Chalela Bagnell or her two dogs.

Bagnell captured the little, or not so little guy, outside her home in Philadelphia.

Bagnell says the groundhog sat there for more than an hour, just casually munching away on that piece of pizza with no worries. All while dogs, Maggie and Moses, looked on.

He’s definitely a Philadelphia groundhog. He’s got the attitude, and he knows a good piece of pizza pie when he gets his hands on it.

My guy was unfazed by the onlookers, and just wanted to enjoy some Philadelphia pie. I prefer New York style pizza, but to each their own. Hope the little fella is holding up well during the Rona.

h/t ABC 13

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