Video: Alex Ovechkin Knocks Out Andrei Svechnikov During A Fight In Stanley Cup Playoff Game

Back in 2011, (RIP) hosted a hockey night with the Houston Aeroes. I forget who I sat with who attempted to teach me the game, but I never got it. The majority of my hockey experience was playing Wayne Gretzky’s Hockey on Nintendo 64, turning off all but like 2 rules, and just starting fights.

Now, it’s the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs and the Washington Capitals are up 2-0 against the Carolina Hurricanes. After a stick scuffle broke out between the two teams (I don’t know the hockey term for “stick scuffle”), the Capital’s Alex Ovechkin squared up with the #2 pick in the 2018 NHL draft, 19-year-old Carolina Hurricanes’ Andrei Svechnikov, and well, that that young man learned today!

This reminds me of when Debo knocked out Red in Friday, and pops was like, “… I don’t know why you come around here messing with those people.”

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