Owner of Million-Dollar Private Island Estate Accused of Stealing From Key West K-Mart

My first reaction is to laugh hysterically. 

Andrew Lippi, how are you buying private islands, yet, you’re out here swindling K-Mart? Now you’re looking at grand theft charges. And speaking of K-Mart, how many of these are still around? I was a Target shopper growing up.

A man who recently bought a private-island estate for $8 million was arrested Friday after police said he stole about $300 worth of household items from a Key West Kmart.

According to the arrest report, Lippi bought a Keurig coffee machine for about $150 on March 30, but he returned the item a day later. However, when Kmart employees inspected the box they found a basketball inside, the report said.

On Thursday, Lippi went back to the Kmart and bought a Hamilton Beach coffee maker and two packs of LED light bulbs for around $105, the report said. Hours later, Lippi returned the items for a refund. Kmart employees found that the new coffee maker had been swapped out for an older model. He resealed the box so it appeared it was never opened. The light bulbs were swapped out for a different brand.

The next day, Lippi purchase a bed skirt from the Kmart. After he returned it, Kmart employees found a pillow case in the packaging, the report said.

When questioned by Key West police, Lippi denied swapping out the items.

h/t Local 10 News

Andrew got greedy, and that’s a serious character flaw.

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