UFC’s Alex Oliveira Injured By Grenade On Christmas

I’ve seen my fair share of family altercations, but none have ever involved grenades. Unfortunately, for UFC’s Alex Oliveira, while in his hometown of Tres Rios, he was sent to the hospital after a grenade exploded near him.

According to Brazilian news site Globo, “Cowboy” was celebrating the festive season in his hometown of Tres Rios — a small town not far from Rio de Janeiro. Per reports, Oliveira was driving to buy gas for his mother’s car when he saw some members of his family in an altercation.

When he stopped his car and got out to investigate, a grenade was thrown in his direction.

Speaking to local news station TV Rio Sul, Oliveira said: “One guy came up and pointed a gun at my nephew’s face, and that’s when people started pushing each other.

“They had machetes, knives, a grenade. They threw a grenade in my direction. Fragments flew to my leg and my foot.”

The 30-year-old said he went to the hospital for minor surgery to have grenade fragments removed from his leg and reported the incident to police.

I hope ‘Cowboy’ has a speedy recovery.

h/t New York Post

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