Video: 17-Year-Old Formula Three Driver Suffered A Fractured Spine After Race Car Flies Off The Track

The first thing… HOLY SHIT! Seeing the car fly through the air reminded me of the fight scene from Iron Man 2 between Iron Man and Ivan Vanko.

17-year-old German Formula Three racecar driver Sophia Floersch was involved in a horrific crash on Sunday in China.  The teenage driver’s car went airborne during Macau Grand Prix after her car made contact with another car.

The footage of the wreck shows Floersch’s car traveling at a high rate of speed before making contact with another car and flying through the air into a concrete wall.

Reports are that Floersch suffered a concussion and a fractured spine during the crash. According to a tweet she sent out, her injury requires surgery.

Floersch is lucky she survived such a violent crash at such a high rate of speed. Hopefully she’s able to make a full recovery and continue to race.

h/t Sports Gossip

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