Video: Yakubian Devil Gets Into Altercation With Pregnant Woman, Assaults Good Samaritan, Then Goes All White Mediocrity

From what I understand, the yakubian devil was irritated by the driving of a 15-year-old in a Wal-Mart parking lot, which caused him to initiate an altercation with a pregnant woman who was an associate of the young driver.

While this yakub was violating this woman’s personal space, a good samaritan intervened and came to assist with the situation. The gentleman who intervened was both threatened and assaulted by the yakubian devil. And although he had a pistol by his side, he chose to not use it, and instead gave him the hands.

My favorite part of the video is after initiating the catching of hands, he outright lied knowing he was on camera. Check out the video to see the escalation, as well a full white mediocrity.

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