Video: Chinese Kindergarten Principal Invites Pole Dancer to Perform on First Day Back; Says It’s “Good Exercise”

I’m all for young children working out and exercising, but not by taking pole dancing classes.

A Chinese kindergarten principal was fired after she kicked off the new school year by bringing in a pole dancer to perform for the kids and their parents.

Hundreds of children and parents at the Xinshahui kindergarten in Shenzhen, in the southern province of Guangdong, watched as a female pole dancer performed on a flag pole in a large courtyard.

Videos posted by parents on Monday show the skimpily-dressed dancer spinning and leaning seductively on the flagpole, from which a Chinese flag was flying.

Speaking to state media, the principal Lai Rong said there had been 500 children aged three to six and 100 parents in attendance.

In a statement posted to Weibo on Monday afternoon, the local education bureau said an investigation had found a pole dancing business had been invited into the kindergarten to perform.

“The district education bureau believes performing pole dancing for kindergarten children is not appropriate,” the statement said, adding the school had been asked to apologize to students and parents.

Principal Lai told state tabloid Global Times that while “a few parents” had requested a refund, others wanted to “learn a new type of dance.”

She said she arranged the dance because of the dancer’s “excellent skills.”

I assume there are so many parents observing, is because they’re looking to learn a new work out routine.

h/t CNN

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