Video: Kevin Durant Furious Over ESPN’s Fantasy Football Auction Draft Skit

I despise overly sensitive people; it’s similar to the boy who cried wolf. When people whine about everything in society, it takes away from real issues, like Blacks being offended when white people remind us about all of the hardships we go through, and our ancestors went through.

Football season is upon us and ESPN aired a skit which simulated a Fantasy football auction. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt here, but I don’t think ESPN meant any harm when the idea was pitched. Given the current state of racial tension in this country, two things should have happened: 1) with roughly 80% of the NFL being made up of Black athletes, there should have been roughly 80% Black people in the sketch; at least the “auctioneer’, 2) DON’T AIR THE SKIT.

Kevin Durant took to his Twitter to let everyone know his thoughts on the skit.

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