Video: Floyd Mayweather Stops Conor McGregor in Round 10 with a Flurry of Punches, Now 50-0

Many casual boxing fans, and even combat sports media, had hyped this fight as “boxing vs. MMA”. It was never that, it has always been boxing vs. an MMA fight boxing, in a boxing match.

Making his professional boxing debut against arguably the best boxer ever, Conor McGregor was stopped with punches in the 10th round. McGregor came out looking to out box Floyd Mayweather and even took the first 4 rounds on my card. After figuring out McGregor, Mayweather continued to pressure and land solid right hands repeatedly. At the end of the

At the end of the 9th round, you could see McGregor fading while Mayweather picked up the pace. Finally, in the 10th round, Charles Byrd would step in to stop the fight.

Floyd Mayweather guaranteed the fight wouldn’t go the distance, and it didn’t. Now at 50-0, Floyd Mayweather looks forward to going into the boxing hall of fame following his final fight.

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