Video: Roy Jones Jr. vs Bobby Gunn (Full Fight)

Roy Jones Jr. has always been my favorite boxer, but I don’t want to see him fight any longer. The skills are still there, but the speed and reflexes have diminished, considerably.

When facing higher level opposition, Roy’s chin doesn’t hold up well; he has been at the end of some devastating knockouts. However, his past three fights haven’t come against high-level boxers. Roy has faced an MMA fighter in “fan contest”, a 41-year-old boxer who had lost his previous 9 fights before facing Roy, and most recently, bare-knuckle boxing champion who hasn’t fought professionally in over 3 years.

From the opening bell, Roy Jones looked faster and quicker than Gunn; that says a lot about Gunn’s level of boxing. After toying with Gunn for 7 rounds, the ref finally called the fight at the start of the 8th round. Gunn was hurt by a combo from Roy at the end of the 7th, and possibly the ref wanted to protect Gunn from taking any more punishment. There’s also the possibility that Gunn didn’t want to fight anymore. He quit on the stool 2 of his past 3 pro boxing matches.

Check out the video below of Roy Jones Jr. playing around with Bobby Gunn while winning vacant WBF cruiserweight title.

h/t BSO

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