Video: Craig Sager’s Son Makes Dunk To Earn $500K #SagerStrong Donation

Following the NBA 3-Point Contest, Ernie Johnson Jr. announced that they would hold a separate shooting contest. For each made shot, $10,000 would be donated to the SageStrong Foundation.

The foundation was started Craig and Stacy Sager in the hopes that, one day, leukemia patients and their families will never have to go through the battle we have endured. Craig was an NBA analyst who passed away last year after battling leukemia.

For the SageStrong 3-point contest, there was an array of shooters, including 2017 3-Point contest winner Eric Gordon, James Harden, Reggie Miller, and DJ Khalid. After a minute, the shooters racked up $130,000.

Trying to get the total up to $500,000, Steph Curry came off the bench to make a half-court shot. He came close several times, but nothing went in. Finally, Craig Sager’s son, with the help of Shaq, dunked a ball to get the $500,000 check.

We know the check was already written. It was a great gesture by the NBA to make the donation happen.

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