Video: Conor McGregor Rolls Up On Fans Mocking Him In The Streets of Dublin

The king of Ireland, out riding around the streets of Dublin, saying hello to his people; it’s great to be Conor McGregor right now.

The UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor, is at the top of the mountain right now. He defeated Eddie Alvarez to win the lightweight title & he’s expecting his first child in the upcoming year, plus, it’s also the holiday season.

A couple of Conor McGregor fans were playing around on a Dublin sidewalk, imitating McGregor’s flowy movement, while another friend recorded it. Mystic Mac must have foreseen these shenanigans taking place. Moments later, the man himself pulled up briefly to greet his fans.

I’m not sure how often people run into Conor McGregor on the streets of Ireland, but I’m sure that made their holidays even more special.

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