Donald Trump Trolled By Merriam-Webster For Believing China Stole US Navy Drone In “Unpresidented” Act

I can neither confirm nor deny China’s involvement in stealing a US Navy drone in International waters, then taking it back to China in an UNPRECEDENTED act; I don’t have enough intel on the situation. What I can confirm, Merriam-Webster’s social media manager is a savage.

With Donald Trump becoming the president-elect, you would hope he would pull back on his reckless tweeting, but that isn’t the case. In the ‘China stealing a drone’ tweet, Trump made up a word, “unpresidented”, instead of using spell check, or an intern, to know the word is “unprecedented”. Merriam-Webster decided to have fun with their #WordOfTheDay tweet.

As someone hoping he doesn’t tweet us into some serious, I expect someone to take over his social media accounts soon. On the other hand, as someone who enjoys Trump’s masterful trolling, I hope he tweets during his entire campaign.

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