Audio: Shia LaBeouf Releases Diss Track To Soulja Boy After Being “Banned” From ATL

“You’ve got the demeanor of a vacuum cleaner, you suck.”

We can all agree that Shia LaBeouf isn’t the best rapper, by any means. We can also agree that he’s better than a lot of rappers out today, including a Soulja Boy.

In the 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle Shia dropped on Sway’s Shade 45 show, Shia gave a few bars to Soulja Boy, well, Boy isn’t happy. Boy went to Instagram to tell Shia to stay in his acting lane, and that he’s officially banned from going back to Atlanta. Check out the video below.

Well, Shia fired back with his “last” diss track. It’s not his best work, but there are a few gems in there. I’ll pick Shia against this guy any day of the week. Check out Shia’s come back below.

h/t BSO

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