[Updated] Video: White Baltimore Teacher Calls Black Students “Broke Ass N*ggers Who’ll Get Shot”

I had the same immediate reaction that the young man in the video has when he hears his teacher yell out a hateful phrase. This is a person in charge of shaping the minds of today’s youth; she is clearly part of the problem.

The video picks up with a teacher kicking a student out of her classroom. We don’t know what drove her to be so hostile, although I’m sure it was warranted for her to kick the young man out of her class. What was not warranted, telling a group of black students, “you are going to be a bunch of broke ass niggers who get shot.”

I hope Harlem Park School in Baltimore, MD fires this person. There is no reason she should ever teach anything again.

Update: The teacher has been fired according to Shaun King

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