Tim Kennedy Takes To Twitter To Find Himself A Replacement For Rashad Evans

UFC 205, on paper, is the best card to have been assembled. Bigger than UFC 100, bigger than UFC 200, there are fights on the Fight Pass prelims that could headline a Fight Night card or be featured on a PPV card.

Not too long ago, the best card ever took a hit. Rashad Evans was informed that he would not be licensed due to an undisclosed medical issue.

This all played out while Tim Kennedy was en route to New York City. Once he landed, he was made aware that he no longer had a fight. What does Tim do? He took to twitter to see if someone wanted to get into a fist fight.

Tim Kennedy has been out of competition for over 2 years. No clue if the UFC will find a replacement; the company has found late replacements in shorter time periods.

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