Video: Student Dresses As Slave For “Decades Day”, School Forces Him To Change

It’s nothing new for our education system to want to erase parts of history that wouldn’t paint them in the best of light, in particular, slavery. Texas, in particular, erased slavery from certain textbooks and said that Africans were brought over as “workers”.

Missouri City’s Ridge Point High School, recently had a “Decades Day” where students could pick a decade of their choosing, and dress accordingly. Brian Ibe, a student at Ridge Point, decided to dress as a slave. Ibe wore a ball and chain around his ankle, along with a t-shirt which was shredded in the back and splattered with fake blood.

Ibe says he chose to highlight decades of slavery in honor of his ancestors, but school officials did not like the idea. They wanted him to change in fear of his costume starting a problem and making people uncomfortable.

Ibe complied to avoid an in-school suspension. There were also several other student who were asked to change.

Truth makes people uncomfortable. But we as a people cannot be silenced.


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