Video: Demi Lovato Hitting Pads and Working MMA Drills With Jay Glazer

Demi Lovato recently tweeted that she is taking a break from music and the spotlight next year. There’s a possibility that she will be looking to get into a fist fight will giving the vocals a rest.

I personally don’t know anything about Demi, except that she’s a very attractive young woman, but according to her coach, Jay Glazer, Demi wants a real MMA fight.

Having spent the last year training with Jay, Lovato looks like, at the very least, an amateur¬†fighter; you may even say she looks better than a pro wrestler who signed with the UFC. If Demi decides to focus more on training than singing in 2017, we may actually see her in someone’s cage.

I don’t know about her ground and pound, but pretty sure you can’t punch and elbow someone in the dick.

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