Thai Clark Looking To Stay Undefeated at Evolution Fighting Championship 4

Coming straight out of Kansas, Thai Clark is a 6-0 MMA fighter looking to add some titles to his resume. Clark turned pro in 2014 and has since dominated his competition, and is now heading into his seventh pro fight against Jesus Adame. Clark won his last fight by decision over Deron Carlis at Bellator 150. Adame is 5-5 and is coming off of submission win. The two will face off Saturday at Evolution Fighting Championship 4 at The Kansas Star Arena.

Mark Carrillo: You’re riding a 6-fight winning streak heading into this fight with Jesus Adame at EFC 4. What’s the biggest difference between Thai Clark now and the Thai Clark before your first pro fight back in 2014.

Thai Clark: I’m more mature in the fight game. Focus more on me and getting better at what I do.

Carrillo: What do you know about Jesus Adame?

Thai: He likes to strike and go for takedowns.

Carrillo: What do you think your biggest advantage is heading into this fight?

Thai: I’m taller than he is, with a longer reach.

Carrillo: Where do you most comfortable, striking or grappling?

Thai: I’m a mixed martial artist, I feel good everywhere the fight goes. I came in this sport with no background so getting good in every area was important to me.

Carrillo: How has your training camp been for this fight? Where have you been training?

Thai: The training camp has been good I trained hard for this fight. I did most my training at JMTK under Andy Zerger.

Carrillo: What’s Thai Clark like outside of the cage? What other interests do you have besides getting into fist fights?

Thai: I’m a born fighter all I think about is fighting and getting better. I have a son who I play with, whenever he wants me to go to his room to play with toys or whatever adventures he has. I love sports video games, though I haven’t played in years. I like to write raps, haven’t recorded in years, it’s something I look to getting back into though.

Carrillo: What kind of career would you have if there was no MMA?

Thai: I would’ve been a rapper and maybe still confused on life (laughing). So yeah, I’m thankful for MMA.

Carrillo: What’s your ultimate goal as a fighter?

Thai: I want to win a championship and defend it multiple times against the best guys out there so I can say I was the best ever.

Carrillo: What kind of fight can fans expect between you and Jesus Adame?

Thai: Stand up war with takedowns here and there with lots of pressure.

Carrillo: Anything you would like to say to Adame?

Thai: What’s up Jesus? I respect you but come fight night I’m coming in there to punish you for the fans.

Carrillo: Who all would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Thai: Shoutout to my JMTK teammates, Team Zerger, Valor, Laselva, thanks to Jeff Page, and Coach Knox with Team of Hardknox. Also M&M Masonry for the sponsorship.

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