Video: Thug Officer Who Beat Homeless Man Resigns From Houston Metro PD

Now, former Houston Metro Police Officer Jairus Warren has resigned from his job after surveillance video was released of him beating a homeless man with a baton during an arrest.

Warren and his partner, Daniel Reynoso, approached Darrell Giles while he was resting on a bench at a train stop around 7:30am on Sept. 14. Warren can be seen in the video kicking Giles. Immediately, Giles jumps up to his feet and in a split second, Warren begins to beat him with a baton. After being hit 13 times, Giles was thrown to the ground and struck 2 more times during the video.

No audio can be heard, but at no point was Giles’ body language threatening. He only jumped up once he was assaulted by the police officer. Giles was taken to jail and charged with resisting arrest and criminal trespass, but the charges were later dropped.

Giles told KTRK that he had been told to get off of the platform by Warren earlier in the morning and left, but came back to the bench to get his phone, and this is when he encountered the officer again.

Houston Metro Police Chief Vera Bumpers said at a Monday press conference that the video shows excessive force. Warren needs to be brought up on charges. Because he was cop, or because he resigned before he could be fired, shouldn’t allow him to escape being prosecuted.

h/t Atlanta Black Star

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  • Ever notice that when a cop beats, clubs or otherwise assaults sometime, the immediate thought it,”will help be suspended ” or”will he be fired”.

    When one PERSON attacks another in an identical fashion, we wonder “if he’s going to go to prison “.

    Anyone notice the immediate contradiction?

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