Video: Charges Filed On Man Who Stood Up For Kids Against Police On Facebook Live Video (Updated)

Earlier this week a video began circulating on Facebook that showed a couple of Wilmington Delaware cops questioning 3 kids on their bikes, who are around the age of 9. While the officers were asking for the names and ages, Damieon Flowers is curious to know why they are being stopped and harassed by the officers.

After the confrontation, one of the officers stated that there were serious problems reported in the area involving juveniles, and because the kids were “juveniles”, this warranted the questioning. Flowers, highly agitated with what was going on, told the cops to leave the kids alone and to go catch the perpetrators.

After the ordeal was over and still upset, Flowers spoke into the camera, “I was about to hit him, got so much shit inside of me man, leave them kids alone mother fucker, fuck with me.”

Earlier today, Damieon Flowers again, took to his Facebook to let everyone know that the Wilmington Police department has pressed felony charges against him for his video; he didn’t specify the exact charges. Flowers also says that the police department sent a SWAT team to his house to apprehend him.

This entire police state seems excessive. But what do I know, I’m just a black man in America.

UPDATE: Charges against Damieon Flowers were dropped

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  • Funny how the cops will utilize SWAT teams for nonsense like this, but when cops do something wrong?

    There have been at least three high profile police shootings that resulted in manslaughter charges against cops and in each case, the newspapers mentioned “attorneys are in the process of arranging surrender “.

    Really? You sell some weed and they’ll hit your house at 3am with flash bangs and automatic weapons. Kill a person and you can make arrangements to show up at a convenient time. And they wonder why they have lost the trust of the people.

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