Randy McCullough Looking To Finish Mike Trinh In A Bloody Rematch At Legacy 59

If you were lucky enough to see the last fight between Randy McCullough and Mike Trinh, then you saw a three round, hard fought bloodbath between the two that ended with McCullough getting his hand raised. McCulluogh hasn’t fought since then, taking time to heal injuries. With a full camp and no restrictions due to injuries, McCullough is looking to get the finish he was very close to getting in their first fight.

I spoke with Randy ahead of this rematch, this time on the Legacy main card for all the world to see on AXSTV.

Mark Carrillo: Your last fight with Mike Trinh was a classic bloodfest where you came out on top. What has changed since then?

Randy McCullough: Only that I’ve had a decent camp and no injuries. Expect another bloodfest, except, I plan on finishing him this time.

Carrillo: What were the problems you had in your last fight camp while training for Trinh?

McCullough: I had a really bad injury that prevented me from doing any cardio. I was also limited to only sparring a round or two at a time before my injuries forced me to sit out. I was advised to pull out of the fight but decided to go for it anyways.

Carrillo: How do you see yourself finishing Trinh in this fight? Will this one be as tough as the last?

McCullough: I’m gonna look for any opportunity I can to put him away. KO or submission, it doesn’t matter, I’m just there to win. And no I don’t think [it will be as tough as the last]. The only thing that was tough about that fight was not having any cardio. None of his punches rocked me and I got out of every submission he threw at me. There were multiple times in that fight I could have finished him. I just didn’t have the cardio. This time will be different.

Carrillo: This fight will be for Legacy and air on AXSTV. Do you feel any added pressure going into your first televised fight or is it just another walk in the park for you?

McCullough: There is definitely more pressure fighting on TV for who knows how many people to see, but I’m a mentally strong individual so it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’m going in there with one thing on my mind, and that’s to win; nothing else matters.

Carrillo: Where do you feel you have advantages over Trinh in this second fight?

McCullough: I can win this fight wherever he wants to take it, but I have a big advantage in the stand-up. We know where Mike wants to take it and we’ve prepared for that. Overall my heart and determination to win will be my biggest advantage in this fight. People don’t realize that until we’re across the cage from each other and I’m taking their best shots and still coming forward, I don’t quit.

Carrillo: What improvements have you made since your last fight camp?

McCullough: I’ve been going to Ground Dwellers and working with those guys lately, so I’d say my ground has really improved. Eddie, Tre, and all the other folks there have been a big help. I’ve noticed my transitions have improved a lot also.

Carrillo: This fight will be at 135lb, the last fight was at 125lb. How much easier will the weight cut be for this fight?

McCullough: A lot! I almost killed myself last time. I cut 17lb in about 36 hours last time, and I’m already skinny enough as it is. It was a rough cut, but my weight is on point and on track for this one.

Carrillo: Is this move up to 135 permanent or would you be willing to drop back down?

McCullough: I’m sure I’ll go back down. As long as I’m healthy the weight cuts aren’t a problem. Who knows, though? We will see how this fight goes.

Carrillo: Inside the cage you’re the Ginja Ninja, a scrappy, tough fighter, with lots of heart. What is the Ginja Ninja like outside the cage?

McCullough: Just a regular guy trying to provide for his family. I go to work every day doing A/C repairs, then get off and go to the gym, after that I come home to my family.

Carrillo: How do you prepare mentally for your fights? When does the mentality change from the providing father to the scrappy fighter?

McCullough: Usually I (and my wife) can tell a difference at about a week or two out. It’s like my mind knows when to start preparing itself. When it’s time to start cutting weight is the worst. I turn into a complete savage and nobody likes me anymore (laughing); I kind of turn into an asshole.

Carrillo: Go Mystic Mac on us. Tell us how and when this fight ends.

McCullough: Like I said, I’m going to take any opportunity I get to finish the fight, but I think when he shoots in I will capitalize. We’ve been working on a lot of takedown defense so I’m excited to see how it’ll apply. I’m going to go with a second round TKO.

Carrillo: Anything you’d like to say to Trinh before the fight?

McCullough: Good luck….

Carrillo: Who would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

McCullough: I want to thank Everybody at Windy Fight Factory. Jermaine Anugwom, Bobby powers, Tre Hererra, and Anthony Veimau for coaching me. Stephanie Todd for working her ass off to get me sponsors. Also, all my sponsors. Brazos Valley Bail bonds, Hamilton Logistics llc., Furniture Shack, Law offices of Brian C. Gutierrez, CatFab (Catalena fabrications), B. Ragan Construction, Melanie Wyotek, Sweetlines Tattoo Shop, 290 West Kennels, Asher Automotive, and Summerlin Stucco and Masonry.

Get your tickets for this fight now, and if you can’t make sure you are near a TV and tuned into AXSTV at 9:00p cst on Friday, September 16. You will not want to miss this one.

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