Photo: White Girl At HBCU Posts Blackface Selfie On Social Media

*sigh* Why little white girl, why?

In 2016, you’re either a complete idiot and ignorant, or simply a racist, if you believe that blackface is acceptable. And now, we have another example of pure ignorance, but there’s a twist, this young white girl attends a historically black college.

A student who has allegedly been identified as Brooke (she deleted her twitter account @merino_brooke), attends Prairie View A&M University in Texas. Brooke decided to post a selfie to her Snapchat, in black face, with the caption “when you just trying to fit in at your hbcu”. That wasn’t a smart move, Brooke.




With similar situations, I would call for her expulsion, but now I’m torn. This is a young white girl who decided to further her education by attending a historically black college, so it’s hard for me to label her a racist. But if you’re this ignorant in 2016, are you ready to attend an institution of higher learning?

Some people on social media would rather Brooke become educated on the subject of racism, as opposed to her simply being expelled, and just another youth that is thrown out into the world with the possibility of actually becoming a racist; this is an opportunity to save someone.

PVAM has yet to release an official statement on the matter. When they do, because I’m sure they will, I hope Brooke is given another chance.


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