Remember the Name: Tyler Hunley

After interviewing Tyler “Sexy Legs” Hunley prior to his first pro loss in April, I realized Hunley is a unique brand in the sport of MMA. Growing up playing video games and watching Dragonball Z led him into the sport. Coming off of his first loss put things into perspective. Hunley realized you can’t win every fight, and even the best lose. He believes his training facilities have improved, the atmosphere is better, and he has become more mature since April. He also said losing motivated him. On August 13, Tyler Hunley (3-1) takes on Kyle Causey (2-1) at Valor Fights 36.

This card is said to be Valor’s best. Hunley said he felt honored to be good enough to be on the card and he has high hopes for it. Hunley is a fun fighter to watch and is deserving of a spot on the card. He feels that he and Causey have the same build and he will have to out work him. Hunley says he will put the pressure on his opponent, and being that Causey is usually the aggressor, he believes it will be a war.

In the main event, UFC vet Joe Riggs (41-17), will face off against Sid Wheeler (5-0). Hunley predicted another Wheeler victory despite his opponent’s experience; he has also been running thru opponents.

If Hunley could pick any opponent in the world to fight, it would be either his coaches or Demetrious Johnson. His coaches make him run, and he wants to see how fast DJ really is.

Tyler Hunley fights for Valor Fights on August 13 at Valor Fights 36.

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