Video: Ben Askren Says ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone Is Weak For His Comments Directed at DC

During a Q&A at the UFC Fan Expo, Donald Cerrone and CM Punk discussed UFC 200. When the conversation turned to the worst fight of the night, Cerrone stated it was Daniel Cormier and Anderson Silva. Cerrone

During that fight, Cormier took to the path of least resistance and used his wrestling on the undersized Silva. This caused many fans in the arena to boo the light-heavyweight champion, and cheer for Silva once the fight had concluded.

Cerrone sided with the fans and was not impressed with Cormier’s strategy.

“…Anderson is giving up 30 pounds, flies in, two days notice, fights [Cormier], you’re — f*cking stand and fight, motherf*cker!”

Ben Askren, who is the One FC welterweight champion, took to his facebook to address ‘Cowboy’ and his comments about DC.


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