Derrick Lewis Responds To Brock Lesnar’s Potential Anti-Doping Violation & Mark Hunt Wants Half

I don’t think I’ve heard Nate Diaz quoted more than I have today. When news came out that Brock Lesnar was flagged for a potential anti-doping violation on an out-of-competition sample taken on June 28, there was a collective, “I’m not surprised, motherfucker!” from the entire MMA community.

Brock Lesnar returned to the UFC octagon after nearly five years away and defeated Mark Hunt via decision at UFC 200. Because of USADA’s practices, the public is not informed of what Lesnar took that would cause him to fail the drug test.

UFC heavyweight and current social media gawd, Derrick Lewis, dropped this tweet off after hearing about Lesnar’s violation.

It should also be noted that Mark Hunt is asking for half of Brock Lesnar’s purse ($2.5 Million), or to be released from his UFC contract. Stay tuned to see how the new owners respond to Hunt’s ultimatum.

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