Video: Dad Disciplines 17-year-Old Son With Boxing, Kid Taken By CPS After

My only two complaints about this, 1) if boxing is going to be the way you discipline your son, at least be good at it; 2) he did hit the kid a little too hard; they’re not even in the same weight class.

Now that that’s out of the way, this is not child abuse. I’m appalled that this is being brought up. Honestly, the only reason it’s being discussed is because it’s on social media, and social justice warriors feel parents can’t touch their children. If you do, someone is raising an eyebrow.

This 17-year-old kid was being a troublemaker in school and deserved to be disciplined by his father. It just so happens that this father decides to use boxing instead of grounding him.

The father was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery and was released on $5k bond. The son has been removed by child protective services while the investigation is ongoing.

Great way to break up another black home, and add to the pussification of our society; kill two birds with one stone.

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  • The father should have never posted the video. He placed himself and his family under scrutiny based on his “Public” actions, which led to public outcry . It is debatable if this is child abuse or not. What is clear, is that his actions, right or wrong, has had dire consequences. His family is not broken because of the police, his family is broken because he is an idiot. With regard to “pussification of our society”, unfortunately, as you are aware, black families have disciplined their children in this manner for years and it has done nothing to teach boys how to be a man. What is has done is contributed to the senseless violence inflicted on society by overly aggressive black males, which has resulted in unnecessary criminal activity, i.e. murders, robberies, thefts, drug use etc, to name a few.

    As black fathers raising black men, it is our duty to train up our children in love, to discipline in love and to be above reproach. Moreover, it is our duty as black fathers to be an example of greatness to our children, but especially to our sons. Does this father love his son? I am almost certain of it. Did he have the right intentions when he posted this video? Absolutely not! He wanted to get attention from his facebook friends by “[p]ublically” humiliating this young man. Instead, he received more than he bargained for. Not only did he subject himself to nationwide scrutiny , he subjected his son to public embarrassment and ridicule. Now as a direct result of wanting to be an attention “[w]hore”, he is facing serious charges, for which he will most likely be convicted, which could affect how he earns a living and what job prospects are available to him. All because he wanted some attention. Well Tavis Sellers, the spotlight is on you, buddy. It looks like you have a date with the criminal justice system. “Don’t put your business in the paper and not expect it to be read”, in this case, Social Media.

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