Video: Brawl Breaks Out During Kids Kung Fu Tournament

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting
Those kids were fast as lightning
In fact, it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing

Whenever I hear the word “Kung Fu”, I think of the Carl Douglas song.

Per BSO, Bloody Elbow provided some details.

What started with two youngsters competing in Kung Fu, ended up with a massive all out brawl. In a video that went viral over the weekend, 12-year-old Armenian David Petrosyan was reportedly on his way to winning the semi-final match against his Azeri opponent at the European Kung Fu championships in Ukraine. Then all hell broke lose.

As seen on the clip above, even adults from both Armenia and Azerbaijan entered the ring and started throwing and swinging poles, sticks and chairs at each other during the crazy melee.

Using chairs isn’t Kung Fu. I would have liked to see a Kung Fu off between the teams, no weapons, winner takes all.

h/t BSO

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