Fight To Win Pro Main Event to Feature Dean Lister and Yuri Simoes

A recent update to the Fight To Win Pro 8 card will pit veteran grapplers Dean “The Boogeyman” Lister against the EBI 6 runner-up, Yuri Simoes.

If you follow the grappling scene then you’re likely familiar with these two names. Lister won ADCC in 2003 and again in 2011, and boasts wins over accomplished veterans like JJ Machado and Rodolfo Vieira. Simoes is also an ADCC champion at the 88kg division and has victories in the absolute division over Keenan Cornelius and Gary Tonon. At ADCC 2015, the same tournament where Simoes secured his 88kg title, Simoes competed in the absolute division against Lister and would secure victory by just two points.

The rematch will take place July 23 and will be live-streamed Flo-Grappling.

4 replies on “Fight To Win Pro Main Event to Feature Dean Lister and Yuri Simoes”

  • My apologies as well. It seems the source I used was inaccurate and I’ll be better in the future on double checking

  • Vinny, it was a very close match. I looked at my corner man Jocko and we both didn’t know who would get the hand raised. Weird thing, I had u in 2 footlocks where somehow u didn’t tap! Man that’s not fair lol. U had me in 1 or maybe 2 umo platas. I think that is considered a superior attack than a leg lock. Was a good match and really didn’t wanna face u since we are friends.. Somehow 2 years later, we both take gold in ADCC in UK šŸ˜‰

  • My apologies on this. I will get with the writer of this article to clarify.

  • Sorry bro, your article is inaccurate.
    I’ve actually in fact competed against Dean in the 2009 ADCC, but I won the match. And that was the only time we’ve ever faced each otherz

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