Video: Anthony Hamilton’s Backup Singers Sing A Capella “Put Some Respeck On It”

Excuse me Internet, is y’all finished or is y’all done with clowning Birdman?

Last Friday, Birdman, of Cash Money Records, was scheduled for an interview with the Breakfast Club. Apparently, the Breakfast Club crew has not shown “respeck” to Birdman, and his name, and he was going on the show to clear things up. After exchanging some words and going on a brief tangent of not putting “respeck” on his name, Birdman and his crew left. With hindsight being 20/20, I’m sure he wishes he would have stayed settle the issues.

R&B singer, Anthony Hamilton, has backup singers who go by the name ‘The Hamiltones’. The Hamiltones decided to sing a cappella Birdman’s dialog with the Breakfast Club.


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