Birdman Selling “Put Some Respek On My Name” Apparel

Baby aka Birdman is a businessman, and it was only right for him to capitalize off of his own misfortunes that took place on the Breakfast Club last week. “Put some respeck on my name” is heavily trending on social media, and now you can get it on a shirt.

The rap mogul started an online store that will sell apparel with many quotes from the Breakfast Club segment. Here is a list of slogans that will be on t-shirts ($30) and hoodies ($50):

  • “Put some respek on my name”
  • “All y’all”
  • “Finish or you done”
  • “Got no more talkin’”
  • “I ain’t gonna say it no mo’”

I don’t know if the masses will support this venture knowing that Birdman is selling the shirts. If someone else, say the Breakfast Club, came up with the idea, millions of dollars would have been made.

Good luck to Birdman.

h/t BSO

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