Video: Minorities Spat Upon and Pushed at Donald Trump’s Rally

Living in a world at a time where Donald Trump is running for President of the United States, this doesn’t seem real. This honestly feels like a satirical movie, a work of fiction even.

Racial tension in this country has had its highs and lows on this roller coaster ride, but since Barak Obama became President, it seems as if the racism has become highly overt. Now, you add in Donald Trump, the prejudice is blatantly open, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, especially with Trump getting closer and closer to winning the GOP nomination.

There have been issues at Trump rallies where individuals have been tossed for various reasons.

A black woman, said that she was called a cunt and n*gger as she was pushed and yelled at by many Trump supporters at his rally in Louisville, KY. She was then escorted out of the rally. Did Trump condemn his supporters for their disgusting behavior? No. Instead he yells “Get out” to the black woman being harassed.

A minority man, was spit on and told to go back to his country at a Trump rally. I honestly don’t know how he remained so calm after being spit on but I would’ve lost it. Did Trump condemn these supporters for harassing a minority man? No, of course not.

These things are happening RIGHT NOW in America. Racism is still very well and alive. It’s disgusting to see people get spit on, yelled at, and pushed at a Presidential rally and not have any consequences. These are the behaviors that Trump is encouraging, by allowing it to continue to happen. I hope the young woman and man involved, get the faces of these despicable humans out there and press charges. Please get out and vote this year.

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