Video: Jon Jones Will Be Released From Jail, New Conditions On Probation

Everyone involved in the new Jon Jones traffic situation has dodged a bullet. After turning himself in, and having to sit in jail a couple of days for an alleged drag racing incident, Jon Jones will once again a free man, and still on probation.

Jones, who was stripped of his title after the hit and run incident last year, is set to face current champion Daniel Cormier in a rematch for the title at UFC 197.

Last week, Jones was pulled over by Albuquerque PD for allegedly drag racing, revving his engine, and a few other traffic violations. While pulled over, Jones disputed all the charges the officer brought against him but did so in a disrespectful manner; I’m surprised he wasn’t arrested that night.

I personally think Jon Jones was singled out for both the color of his skin, and things escalated once the officer knew who he had stopped. With that being said, it wasn’t right for Jones to speak to the officer in the manner in which he did. I think that played a role in the new conditions placed on his probation.

After being released later today, Judge Michael Martinez has placed several conditions on Jones’ probation.

Jones will no longer be allowed to drive without permission given from his probation officer after two separate incidents in the past three months where he’s received traffic citations.

Jones will also be subject to 60 hours of community service, a driving education course and anger management classes.

The judge ruled against a motion from the prosecution to place a curfew on Jones, so that will not affect the former light heavyweight champion. Jones’ defense argued that because of his rigorous training schedule ahead of his next fight, a curfew would curtail his preparation.

The judge agreed and struck that part of the plea agreement from the new deal.

At the end of the proceedings, the judge addressed Jones directly, who entered the courtroom wearing a full orange uniform from the detention center and handcuffs for the court proceedings.

“Take this seriously,” Martinez warned Jones after his second traffic stop in the span of just three months.

h/t Fox Sports

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