Video: A Man Offers Free Hugs At Trump & Sanders Rallies, Gets Two Different Reactions

Let me preface this by saying this video may or may not have been skewed in a direction that would show Sanders’ supports in a more positive light than Trump supporters.

Now that we’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, it’s clear that the types of individuals who support these candidates are distinct. I’m not saying all Trump’s supporters are assholes, and all of Sanders’ supporters are pleasant, but the two are indeed different.

Check out this video of the Free Hugs Project group, attending both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders rallies to give out free hugs. The Sanders supporters were all for the hugs, Trump supporters on the other hand, not so much. One lady was pepper sprayed, Trump supports shouted, “I don’t want any drugs,” and “white is better,” and one woman yells at the gentleman, “are you for Trump? I’ll punch you if you aren’t!”

Check out the video below.


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