Unsanctioned MMA Events Are Still Hurting Our Sport

Even though MMA isn’t considered a mainstream sport, such as basketball, baseball, and football, it is still a popular sport. And when you have a popular product, people will try their hardest to capitalize off of it and make some quick money.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s MMA wasn’t as mainstream, and for people to get fights, sometimes you had to fight in bars, clubs, and even barns.

Since that time, in the modern era of MMA, strict regulation and guidelines have been placed on the sport. In order to become a promoter and to conduct sanctioned events, individuals need to go through the proper channels. Still to this day, people attempt to take shortcuts.

Being the primary media outlet when it comes to Houston MMA, I was surprised to hear there was an event titled, “Amateur Exhibition MMA Battle On Bellaire”, taking place this weekend. Gold Plate Promotions released a flyer about their upcoming event, and it featured UFC Middleweight, Cung Le. The flyer states Le will be in attendance for a meet & greet.

When TDLR was asked if there were any amateur MMA events going on in Houston on March 18, 2016, their response was no. I’m sure tickets and VIP tables are still available for purchase to this unsanctioned event. I do know that I won’t be anywhere near this one, even with Trina & Helena performing live; check out the flyer, a couple of 1,2 cutie pies.

10 replies on “Unsanctioned MMA Events Are Still Hurting Our Sport”

  • Well then dont be talking like u knowing them….do u want ticket to come meet them?? Bc i can buy u the ticket u can come watch and go home write more hate…. By the way who pay for u to write all that hate??

  • Holy shit. Reading these comments gave me a splitting headache. I tried Google Translate and just got the response “Fuck off”.

  • Really Mike the truth?? Or Mike the hater??? If u cant make it let other make it… Why hate??? And do u even know who is Trina and Helena??? If u dont then dont lie Mr. Haterade

  • Who is u to speak on that mr. Michael Jackson…we can’t speak on some wat we don’t kw bout bout gold plate we can’t hate on somebody who tryan to get sumwhere all we can say gud luck and great success…

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