Garcia Promotions Super Fights 1 Recap + Gallery

Garcia Promotions hosted its first Grappling Super Fight event this past Friday. Boasting a card of 36 matches with competitors ranging from youth athletes to veteran black belts, the night ran long. But after some explosive matches and some impressive submissions, it’s clear that Garcia Promotions is on to something with this new venture.

The rules were simple: five-minute matches for the youth, seven minutes for teens and adults. The only way to clinch the win is by submission. If a submission hasn’t occurred by the end of the match it is ruled a draw. Unlike many grappling events that award points or advantages, these sub only events give athletes only one way to win.

After the first three matches ended by submission, it was clear no one had come to play. One of the anticipated matches of the night was between Angel Zamora and Bobby Powers in the blue belt division. The two had fought MMA in the past with Zamora walking away with the knockout win. It was Powers who left with his hand raised this time after securing an arm bar around four minutes into the match.

Another interesting bout in the blue belt division came from Mike Hulick and Kolton Englund, where Hulick managed to lock in a no-gi baseball bat choke. Traditionally a gi move that requires the use of the lapels, hitting this move in a no-gi setting can prove difficult. Hulick managed to secure it and hang on for the victory. And in a turn of events I still can’t quite believe, a few matches later in the purple belt division Christopher Haire would take the win over Jesus Castro using the very same technique. If I had to give someone sub of night, it would be between these two men.

Match of the night I would have to give to David Acosta and Melvin Giron. Between Giron’s aggressive pursuit for submissions and Acosta’s quick movements and daring escapes, this match was fast paced and technical. Though it ended in a draw, both men left it all on the mat after some hard-fought scrambles.

Photo Gallery

Complete Results:

• Eddie Pugachov def. Zac Jester (Triangle Choke)
• Chris Wilemon def. Jason Wilson (Kimura)
• Izzy Ramirez def. Matthew “Cobra” Lawrence (Armbar)
• Anthony Martinez vs. David Bargraser (Draw)
• Cole Yanez def. Marc Balley (Kimura)
• Bobby Powers def. Angel Zamora (Armbar)
• Shanon Walden vs. Kayla DeLeon (Draw)
• Mike Hulick def. Kolton Englund (No-Gi Baseball Bat Choke)
• AJ Hoffman def. Tim Lashley (Straight Anklelock)
• Timothy Messer def. Cody Owens (Straight Armbar)
• Jeremy Hardy def. Juan Torres (Heel hook)
• Christopher Perez def. Christian Lepeture (Kimura)
• Cassie Herrera vs. Michelle Perez (Draw)
• Valerie Covey def. Ashley DeLeon (Armbar)
• Gustave Gomez vs. Joseph McCamish (Draw)
• Zach Henson def. Colin Wright (Kimura)
• David Acosta vs. Melvin Giron (Draw)
• Dante Penney def. Sijin Kurian (Triangle)
• Kurt Zettlemoyer vs. Tim Buchanan (Draw)
• Christopher Haire def. Jesus Castro (No-Gi Baseball Bat Choke)
• Nico Echeverry def. James Powell (Straight Ankle Lock)
• Chris Farlas vs. Rocky Long (Draw)
• Auben Coronade def. Alonso Sanchez (Heel Hook)
• Jacob Allphin vs. Rashal Malik (Draw)
• Eric Newton def. Daniel Anderson (Kimura)
• Sean Herbert def. Ryan Reed (Heel Hook)
• Servando Almaraz v Brian Debes (Draw)
• Cj Hancock vs. Joe Walrop (Draw)
• Matthew Brooks vs. Ricardo Peloque (Draw)
• Terrance Ferguson vs. Juan Hernandez (Draw)
• Daniel Pineda def. Tom McCusker (D’arce Choke)
• Dean Zaino def. Alan Zabracarias (Head and Arm Choke)
• Reed Shagler def. Andy Yount (Guillotine)
• Cameron Graves vs. Spencer Gilliam (Draw)
• Jason Soliz vs. Jonathon Cole (Draw)
• James Markle def. Roy Davis (Reverse Calf Slicer)

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