Video: Idaho HS Basketball Fan Rushes Floor and Assaults Mascot

Even nice, cuddly looking mascots, aren’t safe from being attacked by violent high school basketball fans.

At an Idaho state high school championship basketball game between Rexburg’s Madison Bobcats and Pocatello’s Highland Rams, a brief scuffle broke out between the fans and the mascots.

As Madison’s students were taking part in their traditional dance routine on their side of the court, the Highland mascot approached the Madison area and started distracting the fans.

The Madison mascot then gently shoved the Highland mascot, and the Highland mascot shoved back. That prompted several Madison students to leave the bleachers and enter the court, and one shoved the Highland mascot to the ground. Highland students then took to the court, and a brief scuffle between students from the two schools ensued.

Police officers quickly broke up the fracas and ordered the students and mascots back to their sections.

That was so nice of the officers, allowing everyone to go back to their seats so that the game could continue. I know if this were the Madison in Houston, things would have been handled a little differently.

Madison went on to win Tuesday night’s game 62-61.

h/t Idaho State Journal

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