Michael Bisping Wants Nick Diaz After Diaz’s Suspension Is Up

Michael Bisping earned a unanimous decision win over Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night London, but it didn’t come without controversy. At the end of the third round, while Bisping was trying to let referee Herb Dean know his mouth piece had come out, Silva threw a flying knee, seconds before the bell sounded. Silva thought he won, but Herb Dean signaled that he had called time, and the fight was allowed to continue. With a face battered and bruised, Bisping would go on to earn the win.

Here is one of the popular memes circulating the internet.

Michael Bisping meme

Nick Diaz decided to share the meme, and Bisping didn’t take too kindly to it and issued a challenge, but once Nick’s suspension is up, of course.

Let’s hope this is Nick’s first fight off of his suspension.

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