McGregor vs Cerrone vs Diaz?

As soon as UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael Dos Anos broke his foot and pulled out of his title fight with Conor McGregor, every fighter between 145lb to 170lb threw their name into the lottery for a pair of the fancy red panties. It was almost sickening to see all these fighters come out knowing they are not anywhere close to being ready for a fight against a fighter of McGregor’s caliber in just a week’s time.

Edgar is healing an injury, Alvarez couldn’t have made the weight, Aldo was on the couch, and Khabib would just get injured before I finish writing this. Only Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone have the cajones for this fight, and it seems every 10 minutes is reporting that it will be one of the two. Who deserves the red panties, though? Both Cerrone and Diaz are coming off impressive wins, both are willing to test McGregor’s chin, and both know what kind of pay day this is. How to settle this conundrum?A good old-fashioned three-man, no holds barred, steel cage match that’s how. Let all three of them go at it in a steel

How to settle this conundrum? A good old-fashioned three-man, no holds barred, steel cage match, that’s how. Let all three of them go at it in a steel enclosure with no way out, except for with the blood and tears of their enemies. Let’s see how all those hours spent with a movement coach, ducking broom sticks, and doing cartwheels on the beach matter when you got a Stockton Gangster and a Cowboy trying to kick your ass. Let’s see how easy it is to throw up two middle fingers when a guy who rides bulls for fun, and El Chapo, are throwing spinning shit at your face. We have already seen what happened when Cerrone tried to stand with Diaz, it’s an even matchup all the way across. No need to sit around and wonder, “What if it was Diaz?” or “What if it was Cerrone?”. We’ll answer all the questions at once, March 5th, Las Vegas, Nevada! Three men enter, one man leaves crowned Champion of the World with a check from Reebok for 15,000 total dollars!

Yeah, now I kind of see why Dana doesn’t answer my Tweets.

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