Video: Stipe Miocic KO’s Andrei Arlovski via Eminem Curse

I enjoy listening to Eminem’s music, he has a song for any mood I may be in. With that said, I WILL NEVER select an Eminem song as my walkout song, I don’t even want Eminem featured on the track. When fighters choose an Eminem song to walk out to, their odds of winning greatly diminish. I remember seeing a fight where two amateur fighters walked out to the same Eminem song (really), and it ended in a double knock out (not really).

The #2 and #3 heavyweights met at UFC 195, and the fight only lasted 54 seconds. Number 2 ranked Stipe Miocic had to defend a few oblique kicks from Arlovski, but after finding his range, Miocic landed a couple of right hands that put Arlovski out.

After the knockout, Miocic ran over to where Dana White was sitting cage side, and called for a title shot. Barring a meteor striking Stipe, it’s safe to say he has earned it.

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