“Super” Dave Acosta Returns To Texas For Legacy 50

Friday night at The Houston Arena Theater, Legacy 50 takes place. Headlining the card will be a welterweight fight between ‘Cyborg’ Santos (18-16) and Artenas Young (10-9). Starting off the televised portion of the card is a strawweight bout between former Texas resident, and now a California “dude”, David Acosta (2-0), who will take on Roberto Sanchez (3-0). I spoke with Acosta to see if he’s bleached any hair or been “hanging ten” with the bros, and to get his thoughts on this upcoming match.

Mark Carrillo: Why the move to California? You don’t like Texas or something? One of those people who hate the Alamo?

David Acosta: Quiet honestly, I decided to make the move out to Sacramento after I started losing interest in MMA. It sounds like a big step moving my family across the country when I was losing interest in the sport but with me, I couldn’t find a groove out here in Houston. So I decided at the very least it would be a great experience to move out to Sacramento to train with the best team of the world and to venture a little bit to find my passions for the sport again. I love the shit out of the Alamo!

Carrillo: What’s it like at Team Alpha Male? From the pictures I have seen, there isn’t many fat or pale people working out there. All these tan guys walking around shirtless, seems kind of passive aggressive to me.

Acosta: The experience head to toe has been amazing so far! Even though not having very many abs because of my donut obsession, they welcomed me with open arms and within a few weeks I started teaching class every day of the week.

Carrillo: You came back to Texas looking for a fight. Wasn’t there another fight you had lined up before Roberto Sanchez?

Acosta: Yes, the beginning of last year I was scheduled to fight my third fight with Mike De Leon but some unexpected complications with my first-born child had me pull out on late notice.

Carrillo: It’s been a year since you last fought, but you have been staying busy starting a family out in California. You have a new one on the way correct? How is the family liking California? Probably hate it because it’s not Texas, huh?

Acosta: Hahahaha. California is a great change of pace for me and my family. I mean it’s nothing comparable to Texas, especially with the mountains, the amazing view, the beautiful weather, and all the nice hikes we have been on. Not being able to find a good BBQ place has put a damper on Sacramento though. And yes, I have a beautiful baby girl due this coming June.

Carrillo: Sounds terrible there, but congratulations on the new baby. It has been announced that Dana White will be in attendance Friday night. Is there any extra pressure knowing he’s watching, and also being on tv for the first time? I know I’ll be nervous, I’ve said a lot of things to that guy through an anonymous Twitter account.

Acosta: Of course there is a little bit of pressure added on, but nothing with someone with the nickname of Super Dave can’t handle. I look forward to showing everyone how much I have improved in the last 14 months being on the bench.

Carrillo: How do you think your fighting style matches up to Roberto’s?

Acosta: I think our past fights have been very similar. We are both very comfortable on the ground but it’s a perfect time for me to show my full range of being an MMA fighter, not just an MMA fighter that is good on the ground. You might actually see me through my first professional punch in this fight!

Carrillo: You sat out a year after your last fight. How many years will you sit out after this one?

Acosta: Honestly I don’t know. I plan to sit out two twelfths of the year until my next fight.

Carrillo: Go “Mystic Mac” on us. Tell us exactly how the fight ends Friday.

Acosta: He won’t make it past the first minute. These other fighters don’t tink like I tink and they don’t move like I move.

Carrillo: Anything you would like to say to Roberto?

Acosta: Yes, I Facebook stalked him and found out his first-born boy is due soon. I would like to tell him to enjoy every second of being a father, because it’s one of the best moments in life.

Carrillo: Who would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Acosta: My family and friends who have supported me and my move to Cali. Everyone who welcomed me at team alpha male and treated me like a true teammate from day one. Legacy for giving me another opportunity to showcase my talents.

Tune in to AXS TV Friday night for Legacy 50!

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