Manny Pacquiao Retiring After Third Bradley Fight

One of the most popular boxers to have ever stepped into a ring, is ready to hang up his gloves. Manny Pacquiao has announced that after his third fight with Timothy Bradley on April 9, he will retire from boxing, and focus on his political career.

Pacquiao and Bradley each have a win against one another, and to some, a third fight makes sense to break the tie. But on the other hand, not many people want to see this fight. The previous two fights aren’t standouts as fan favorites. Bob Arum himself knows this is a tough fight to sell, but will do his best.

Manny Pacquiao is coming off of the largest financial fight in history against Floyd Mayweather this past May, and there were rumors circulating that Pacquiao stated he wanted a rematch. According to Pacquiao, “I did not say anything like that. Nobody interviewed me about that.”

With the fight three months away, there is time to promote the fight. One selling point now, this is Pacquiao’s last fight. If this is indeed his last fight, how will you remember him?

h/t GMA News

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