Garcia Promotions Grappling Super Fights 1 Card (Mar. 18, 2016)

Garcia Promotions has ventured into the realm of BJJ, and will host their first no-gi submission only grappling at the Humble Civic Center on March 18, 2016. The grappling super fights will feature adult divisions ranging from blue to black belts, as well as a teen and kids divisions.

The grappling matches can only be won by submission. If there is no submission in the allotted time, the match will be ruled a draw. Adult matches will have a seven-minute time limit, and youth matches will have a five-minute time limit.

In the purple belt division up to black belts, all submissions will be legal. In the blue belt division, no heel hooks will be allowed, and no leg locks or neck cranks will be allowed in the youth divisions.

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Grappling Card (Subject to Change):
Adult Black Belt

180 – Roy Davis (Davis) vs. James Markle (Gold Team)

170 – Jason Soliz (Tx. 3rd Coast) vs. Jonathan Cole (Zion)

155 – Cameron Graves (Team Tooke) vs. Spenser Gilliam (Rillion Gracie)

HVY – Reed Shegler (Paradigm) vs. Andy Yount (Gracie Humaita)

HVY – Dean Zaino (McCall) vs. Alan Zacarias (Zion)

Adult Brown Belt

165 – Tom McCusker (Next Generation Kingwood) vs. Daniel Pineda (4oz)

195 – Terrance Ferguson (GB Champions) vs. Juan Hernandez (Zion)

165 – Matthew Brooks (Davis) vs. Ricardo Deloque (Darkside)

195 – CJ Hancock (4oz) vs. Joe Waldrop (UnderCurrent BJJ)

155 – Servando Almaraz (GB Westchase) vs. Brian Debes (10th Planet Beaumont)

170 – Ryan Reed (Gracie Humaita) vs. Sean Herbert (4oz)

190 – Eric Newton (GB Katy) vs. Daniel Anderson (Elite)

140 – Jacob Allphin (Davis) vs. Reshal Malik (Zion)

Adult Purple Belt

155 – Ruben Coronado (TX 3rd Coast) vs. Alonso Sanchez (Pressa)

155 – Chris Farias (Midtown/Team Tooke) vs. Rocky Long (Rocky Long MMA)

170 – Nico Echeverry (ACS) vs. James Powell (Fight Science)

175 – Christopher Haire (Precision) vs. Jesus Castro (Darkside)

HVY – Kurt Zettlemoyer (GB Champions) vs. Tim Buchanan (Darkside)

120 – Sijin Kurian (APL) vs. Dante Penney (The Fight Lab)

140 – David Acosta (Team Alpha Male) vs. Melvin Giron (Revolution)

145 – Colin Wright (Paradigm) vs. Zach Henson (Elite MMA)

160 – Gustavo Gomez (GB Champions) vs. Joseph McCamish (4oz)

165F – Valerie Covey (Genesis BJJ) vs. Ashley Deleon (Darkside)

125F – Cassie Herrera (Ground Dwellers) vs. Michelle Paez (Next Generation Kingwood)

Adult Blue Belt

180 – Fechai Christian (4oz) vs. Christopher Perez (Darkside)

HVY – Jeremy Hardy (ACS) vs. Juan Torres (Gracie Humaita)

150 – Cody Owens (Team Tooke) vs. Timothy Messer (BVMMA)

HVY – AJ Hoffman (Gold Team) vs. Tim Lashley (TCOB)

170 – Mike Hulick (Paradigm) vs. Kolton Englund (Metro)

135 – Shannon Walden (Snow BJJ) vs. Kayla Deleon (Revolution BJJ)

130 – Angel Zamora (Bull MMA) vs. Bobby Powers (Windy)


130 – Cole Yanez (TX 3rd Coast) vs. Marc Bailey (Gracie Barra/Ground Dwellers) – 15yr old (Orange Belt)

125 – Anthony Martinez (Team Tooke) vs. David Bargraser (Zion) (Orange Belt)

105 – Matthew Lawerence (GB Champions) vs. Izzy Ramirez (Pablo Silva) (Orange Belt)


65 – Chris Wilemon (Team Tooke) vs. Jalen Wilson (TX 3rd Coast) (Yellow Belt)

70 – Eddie Pugachov (Team Tooke) vs. Zac Jaster (GB West Chase) (Yellow Belt)

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