Audio: Jon Anik Explains Why Cruz/Dillashaw Counter Punch Segment Was So Short

A segment from UFC Insider called “Counterpunch” aired during UFC 195, and it featured UFC Bantamweight Champion T.J. Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz. With Jon Anik as the mediator, the two trashed talked each other the entire segment. Well, not so much Dillashaw trash talking, but Cruz was letting it go.

The segment itself was fairly short, and today on Jon Anik’s podcast with Kenny Florian, he shed light the reason why.

Part of the reason in this instance, why they had a hard time, getting three minutes candidly, was because TJ wouldn’t stop dropping F-Bombs. He was furious. He started pretty conservatively, and then once Dominick drew his ire, it was fuck you, fuck this, it was nuts.

Anik and Florian Podcast *explanation comes around 1:21:00

Aired Segment

If you’ve heard Urijah Faber attempt to trash talk Conor McGregor, it’s clear that the Alpha Males are just good at fighting.

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