Video: University of Houston’s Tom Herman Fitted For TV Johnny Grill

The U of H football team won the American Athletic Conference championship, I’m graduating this Thursday, the school is all around winning.

Coach Tom Herman told his team that if they won the title, he would get a custom-made TV Johnny grill. If you’re unfamiliar with them or not from Houston, they are the diamond encrusted mouth pieces you’ve seen people wear. They were made popular with the song ‘Grillz’ by Nelly in 2010.

Paul Wall , who attended U of H, stopped by today to fit Coach Tom for hill grill.

Herman plans to unveil the grill before the Cougars play Florida State in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl on New Year’s Eve in Atlanta. In the meantime, Herman and Wall offered only a few details. The grill will cost “a little less than $15,000,” according to celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang, otherwise known as “TV Johnny,” who has designed items for such stars as Kanye West and Lil’ Jon. As for what it will look like, Herman said the team’s “grill committee” of players had “a tough time deciding between gold, diamonds and whether it needed letters.” “It’s going to be iced out,” Herman said. “He’s definitely going to be shining,” Wall said.


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