Video: Sage Northcutt Chokes Out Pfister At UFC Fight Night

The hype behind Sage Northcutt grew going into his second UFC fight. Taking on Cody Pfister, Pfister talked a great deal about Northcutt, and not any good things.

Pfister came out early with his wrestling and was able to get Northcutt to the ground. Once on the ground, he wasn’t able to do much for having top position for roughly 3 minutes. After a standup, Northcutt secured his own takedown, and did a little damage closing out the round.

In the second round, Cody Pfister was able to defend a takedown, but with a scramble, Northcutt was able to get a dominant position and eventually the guillotine choke. After the win, Sage was all smile, and said “UFC Fight Pass is amazing.”

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