Video: “Hoverboarding” Priest Suspended For Rolling Down The Aisle During Christmas Eve Mass

Either this church in the San Pablo Diocese of Manila has been lucrative, or priest get a nice discount on the hottest item for this season of gift giving (pun intended).

MANILA, Phillippines – Viral video of a priest hoverboarding into Christmas Eve Mass has led to his temporary suspension.

The video shows the congregation applauding as the unnamed priest concludes his entrance and steps off the hoverboard. 

However, the local Diocese of San Pablo was not impressed with the priests’s stunt, saying, “That was wrong. It is not a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the people.”  

The church announced that the priest, who apologized for his actions, would be “taking some time off to reflect.”

What exactly is he to reflect on? I guess he can reflect on not ending up like Mike Tyson.


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